Friday, November 12

I have a question!!

When you think of your life as a story. What do you want to see? What would make it a good story?

Monday, November 8

Dog to God

Its crazy when I look at this picture and see that little dog with such trusting eyes. She wasn't always so trusting. Two years ago she came to my home as a scared-to-death-about-life little dog. She was in abused for six long years. I spent countless hours with this dog getting her use to people again. Getting her to trust people again. Now shes like a new dog. She is happy to see me when I come home after being gone a few hours. I feel like we are in a way like this dog. We start off not trusting anybody but then God comes and spends countless hours with us. Soon we start relying on him and trusting him. We come to him bruised and broken but he transforms us.