Friday, December 24


Ok so I just found out about chacha and I must say I am impressed!!!! I get to text them a question, ANY question and they will text me back and answer it for me!! Isn't that cool?! chacha is amazing!!
I asked chacha, "What is the dumbest laws?"
they replied, "Dumb Laws in Mexico: Idiots may not vote."

Monday, December 20


WIT - wrangler in training aka wit leader's little slaves
WIT = one of the coolest jobs in the world!!
to be a WIT you must:
love God
love kids
love horses
enjoy the smell of horse poop
WIT job:
walk a whole lot
work a whole lot
get little sleep
go to bed late get up early
use your man voice
make going on the roof "safe"
try to drive the wit leader crazy
have mud fights
create new holidays
daycamp greeting
try to drink black coffee

Wednesday, December 8


I think that rocks are so cool cause they're so simple and insignificant but when they're polished they are so beautiful! Before we have Jesus we feel simple and insignificant but then he comes in our lives and polishes us up and we become something beautiful and we have a purpose. We are a lot like rocks!!