Thursday, February 24

7 signs it's time to take a shower:

1. When someone says, "Nice tan!" but really it's just a layer of dirt.
2. When you need to use body spray so that people think you smell good.
3. When you need to use body spray so you can't smell your own oder.
4. When you have to wear a hat all the time because of greasy hair.
5. When you are covered in who-knows-what.
6. When you win the no showering contest.
7. When you can't remember the last time you showered.

To all the wonderful wits out there who NEED to take a SHOWER!! :p

Wednesday, February 23

I never...

1. ate a worm
2. jumped out of a plain
3. dyed my hair
4. kissed a frog
5. got bucked off a horse
6. kissed a boy
7. got my ears pierced
8. went camping in the middle of no where
9. shot a gun
10. held a gun
11. gone to a school dance
12. made a fire
13. raced on horses
14. drove a team of horses
15. shaved my head
16. went to D.C.
17. worked at a fast food restaurant
18. went ten days without a shower
19. went on a date
20. read Twilight

Thursday, February 3

A Dog's Life

So I have these two look alike poodles. The only difference is that one is slightly larger than the other. One day the bigger one is standing on my bed minding her own business when the smaller one comes running toward. The smaller dog leaps up on my bed and hops over to the bigger dog. Next thing I see, the smaller dog goes right under the bigger dog! the bigger dog gives me a look of shock and tries to hop over the smaller dog. What does the smaller dog do? She lays down under the bigger dog! Now if the bigger dog could talk she would have been speechless! The bigger dog leaps over the smaller dog and runs to the safety of the other side of the bed.