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Tuesday, December 11

Oh How I've Grown

I was looking at my profile pictures on facebook from my first profile picture compared to my most recent one, and I have changed! I've only had my facebook for about 4 years, but it is fun to see me then and now.



Sunday, December 9

An Adventure to Bishop's Castle

 This last weekend some of my friends and I went to Bishop's Castle to celebrate our friend's birthday!

By McKenna
By Liz
Susie and Me
By Malissa
Liz and Me
By Liz
Our group!

Sunday, December 2

The Book of Acts

Thursday, November 22

I'm Thankful!

I'm thankful for my family that I was born into!

I'm thankful for my camp family!

And I'm thankful for my new DLA family.

Wednesday, November 21

A Free Song!

Here is a free song from Air1. It is a Christmas song from Jason Gray. Click here

Wednesday, November 14

Where Did the Time Go?

I feel like it was just last week that I wrote about driving over here, yet part of me feels like a year has passed! It's funny how that works!
I have done so much here at DLA that I didn't think I would do. Such as:
1) Hold a snake.
2) Watch other people put snakes in their mouths.
3) Work out 2 times a week at a gym.
4) Pray for 6 hours during one day.
5) Go to a corporate prayer meeting.
6) Make 200 caramel apples.
7) Lead a high school discipleship group.
8) Make great friends right away.
9) Go on a retreat after the second week being here.
10) Go to a pumpkin patch.
11) Go to a barn dance and actually dance.
12) Blow up those blow up trees with only my own breath.
13) Dress up in a costume and go out to lunch with all of DLA.
14) Clime the incline.
15) Work/hang out in a World Prayer Center all day every day!
16) Call a ton of pastors all over America.
17) See people carrying snakes and spiders and dead bugs through study hall.
18) Low ropes.

Yep, life is interesting around here. Well anyways, I'm going home this Friday. My plane leaves at 8 in the morning. It's a great thing that I have a really good best bud who's taking me to the airport! She's the best! :)

Tuesday, November 13

Thank You God

Saturday, November 10

The Incline

Most likely one of the hardest hikes I've ever been on!

I have never climbed so many stairs!

Even though I wanted to quit a few times, I pushed through and made it to the top!

My friend Mia was soooo encouraging the whole time! I wouldn't have made it without her!

Praise the Lord I made it!

Friday, November 9

Some Pretty Cool Women

The Bible has a ton of stories in it about great men who were doing stuff for God right. Right. Well I'm not a man, I'm a woman. I think it is easier for a woman to relate to a woman just because we are different from guys and I want to know my strengths as a woman. So, I looked up some really cool women of the Bible. Here are some of them:

*Sarah - Genesis 21 - An old woman (passed the days she can have children kind of old) had a child who lead to a nation.
*Tamar - Genesis 38 - A widow who had extreme boldness and courage. She is in the genealogy of Jesus.
*Rahab - Joshua 2 - She was a prostitute who had a ton of courage when she hid two spies from Israel and then did not tell the king of Jericho where they were. After that she helped the spies escape! She is in the Genealogy of Jesus.
*Deborah - Judges 4 - One of the judges. She was a wife and prophetess. She listened to the voice of God, and she had a lot of faith.
*Jael - Judges 4 - A wife who had a ton of courage as she killed the bad guy. Not with a ton of strength and force, but with her own wit.
*Ruth - The whole book of Ruth - She was a widow who was very loyal to her mother-in-law. She did whatever she could to take care of her mother-in-law. She was bold, courageous, caring, a hard worker, brave, followed God. She is in the genealogy of Jesus.
*Hannah - 1 Samuel 1 - She was childless, so she went before God and cried out to Him. She had a ton of faith.
*Abigail - 1 Samuel 25 - helped David out after her husband yelled at David's men. She saved her household because she was smart enough to help David.
*Widow - 1 Kings 17 - She had no food, but she gave Elijah whatever was left. She believed that God would provide for her, and her son.
*Esther - The whole book of Esther - She married a king, then she was brave enough to stand up to him, and the law he just passed so that she could save her people. She was bold, smart, caring, compassionate, loyal, and courageous.
*Mary - Luke 1 - She was a virgin when an angel told her she was going to have a child. She boldly excepts this and says that she is the Lord's servant. Then she rejoices about it even though she could be in a lot of trouble with her family and friends. She was the mother of Jesus.
*Woman who was suffering - Matthew 9 - She touched Jesus's robe and had faith that she would be healed.
*A Gentile mother - Matthew 15 - She would not leave Jesus alone until he healed her daughter. She had a ton of faith and she was very persistent.
*Tabitha - Acts 9 - Always doing good works and acts of charity.
*Lydia - Acts 16 - She was a dealer in purple cloth (business woman). One day she heard about Jesus and believed. Then she and her household were baptized. That all started with her believing.
*Priscilla - Acts 18 - She helped her husband teach people about Jesus.

These are some pretty cool women. They knew who God was and because of that they found their identity. They didn't need to be anybody else, because they knew there identity. That is amazing!

Sunday, November 4

Life as a DLA Student

Life here has been very busy recently. We started classes a few weeks ago. Right now we are studying Bible theology. The teacher is super great because he makes the class really interesting. The book on the other hand is very boring.
        I met with my DLA Family group this last month and we all had dinner together! That was a lot of fun. Paul, one of the guys in my family group, who is German, made us a German desert!

  Coram Deo was a super exciting part of this month! It is a retreat for the Jr. High and HS students. I was one of the leaders for the teams on the retreat. We had awesome worship, fun competitions, and great food. 

Photo from Rachel
The DLA pumpkin patch trip was also super fun! We all went to this place that didn’t really grow pumpkins but they did have this huge slide thing that was soooooo much fun to go down! There was also a wagon ride, and some small animals, and pumpkin carving there. I’m pretty sure the pumpkins came from Wal-Mart. :P

        Next we went to a barn dance! That was a ton of fun too! We all dressed up and went to a barn. There was an older couple there who called out the dances we had to do. we also had a pie contest. Only three people brought pies though. And one was from the store. My friend Jill and I made a apple cheese cake pie! It was so good, but we did not will. Oh well it was still really good!  That night was such a good night!

        Fear Factor was a super cool thing that I got to help lead! It is the “Halloween” party they do in the youth group here. Its kind of like that show fear factor. The first event was the teams had to run to the first bucket pick up a snake in their mouths, then run back and put in in their bucket. Gross right?! Well the Jr. High girls won! The next game was life tic tac toe. The teams had to play that and whichever spot they wanted to land at they had to eat that object. There were dead bugs, worms, preserved duck eggs, squid, and baby octopus! Don’t worry, this was all very edible!
This is us getting ready for Fear Factor
Photo from Abree
        The last big thing that happened this week is I started up my own HS discipleship group. Basically what this is, is about 7 High Schoolers who are going to meet with my once a week and we are going to hang out, talk about Jesus, and have fun getting to know each other! This is something that everybody in my DLA, HS tribe is doing.

So that's basically what I've been up to this last month of October!

        Up Coming Events:
Coming home for Thanksgiving on the 16th of November!

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Sunday, October 14

A New Look

I am working on giving my blog a new look. I was starting to get bored with the old one. I'm still not sure what I want to do with it, so if you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them! Just comment below. Who knows, I might even use your idea!

Saturday, October 13

My Crazy Life

Although I have only been here a month, I feel like it's been a year! I already know a ton of people, I'm finally figuring out where places are (both in the church and around the church), and I'm starting to understand how things are done around here! I am starting to really get the hang of things around here, and I really love it here!
So, one thing that is really cool in this DLA program is that we have family groups. These family groups have about three discipleship groups, 2 girl ones and 1 boy ones, and we meet once a month to hang out and serve the community. When we had that DLA retreat a couple of weeks ago we hung out in our family groups a lot.
Here is most of our family!
from the left, Me, Brenna, Thomas, Jo, Mali, Mia, Paul, Alex, Kelsey, Ashley.
They are pretty cool people!
Another thing that I really enjoy is that I am on the high school ministry tribe. So that means I get to help out and hang out with the high schoolers! I love it, and them a lot! So on Wednesdays we set up for HS DSM, which is their high school youth group. Then we go to that Wednesday nights, hang out with high schoolers, and build friendships with them. It's great!
One thing I had to do this last week was cook a meal for my host family. I was a little nervous, because I can't cook. But, I made chocolate chip pancakes and they turned out great!
It's been a pretty good first month here! I'm excited to see what God has planned for this next one!

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Shekinah Glory

Friday, October 5

DLA Retreat!

A week ago I went on a DLA retreat with all the other DLA students! It was soooooo much fun. We went to a town in Colorado called Breckenridge. It is super pretty there!

On the way there...

This is where we stayed.

During God time!

 Going hiking!! It was sooooo pretty!

 Some new friends.

 It was so nice there!

We hiked to the waterfall. It was so fun!

 Reflections in the water with friends.


 Hanging out in the town.

This is my love language with Jesus! :)

 On the way back.

Sunday, September 30

Sunday, September 23


I really like earrings. These earrings that I bought today are really cool, because they don't just look nice, but they help a family in Guatemala. I think that's pretty neat.

Friday, September 21

A Good Word

Isaiah 42:5-6

Thursday, September 20

My Grandpa

So, way way way back when my grandpa had to go to school, he had to write some papers for his classes. Here is one of my favorites.