Monday, May 28

The Sacrifice of One

For all those men and women who died in war. Thank you so much for giving us our freedom!

Sunday, May 27

Tweet Tweet

Some baby birdies I found by my Grandma's house.

Friday, May 25

Thursday, May 24

Poop, Horses, Rain, Dirt...

Living at camp and going to school is a little bit crazy! All my clothes are dirty. Even the clean ones! I can't get rid of the dirt under my finger nails. And I only get about 5-6 hours of sleep at night now. All in all it's been pretty good.

Tuesday, May 22

A Cup of Tea

Every year at my church there is this women tea party. I'm not a huge fan of tea parties, but I do enjoy all the free food! :)

Monday, May 21

On The Move!

So, I'm really excited to be going off to camp! I'm moving over there today, and I'll be living there until the end of summer! I'm SOOOOOOOO excited to see what God has planned for this summer. It's going to be crazy and amazing! I'm really excited to be the W.I.T. leader this summer. For those of you who don't know what that is, it stands for wrangler in training. It is some of the high school staff who works at camp who loves horses. I was a wit for the past 3 summers.
I'm also super excited that my sister is going to work at camp this summer. She is going to be a L.I.T. That stands for leader in training and they are the other part of the high school staff. They are with the campers more.  I don't think it will be that weird to have my sis there with me. We both will be very busy with different jobs.
It's gonna be a good summer. Hard, but good. I'm excited for it!

Sunday, May 20

Friday, May 18

It's a girl!

About 2 weeks ago a little horsie was born at Miracle Ranch!

Monday, May 14

Real and Not Real

Here are some real cool pictures I found by this guy. You should check it out. Just not that not all his stuff is appropriated.

Sunday, May 13

Texting Mom

This is super sweet and really funny! I'm glad my mom can kinda use those things but she needs some help every once in a while :p

Saturday, May 12


Thursday, May 10

My Doggie!



Wednesday, May 9

A Servant's Heart

Jodie's Story

I'm Jodie, 22, from Aberdeen in Scotland. I am so happy to be given this opportunity to share with you all how my life has completely changed.

I’ve suffered from severe depression and anxiety all of my life. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed. I often contemplated suicide, and some days I would cry all day long, feeling angry, and wondering ‘why me?’ Every day was grey, and every day seemed pointless. I used to worry about everything, and I often drank to forget my misery.

I got involved in a very traumatic relationship. When it ended, I realized that I was pregnant, and what followed was a traumatic pregnancy. I was living on anti-depressants, but I kept going for the sake of my baby. But, the delivery was a nightmare. After thirty-two hours in labor, I began to hemorrhage and lost a lot of blood. I honestly thought I was going to die. But, somehow I managed to keep going for my new little girl. I slept, and I cried, and fought back depression while I recuperated in what seemed a very grey and lonely hospital. I felt like I was a failure.

After we were released from the hospital, I carried on with my life, trying to be a different person and pretending to smile for my baby’s sake. I could hold in the misery of my life situation for weeks at a time, but when I drank I would get so wasted that I couldn’t see straight, and then I would break down in tears and act like a fool.

One day I was out at the shops with my daughter and saw a poster advertising a church playgroup. I wanted to prove to the world that I was an amazing mother, so we went along to this group which turned out to be located just across from my flat.

The leader of the group talked with me, and I ended up telling her about my life. Then, she asked if she could pray for me. I was a little freaked out, but I agreed, and as I listened to the words she was praying, I also began to pray, “Father please help me! I can’t live this life anymore. I'm so alone, and I hate myself. Please, Father, help me.”

I left that day feeling happier, much different than when I’d arrived, and so we continued to visit the church playgroup regularly. But, circumstances eventually caused me to move away from the neighborhood. I married my child's father, trying to add the missing piece to my family.

Shortly after we were married, we decided to have another child. But, as soon as I became pregnant, I was told that there was a strong likelihood of hemorrhaging again, and I began to experience daily anxiety. ‘What if I die this time?’ I thought. “What if the bleeding doesn't stop?” Then, my husband told me that he was going to leave.

I begged him not to go, but he ended up taking another job far away from where we lived. I had given him my soul, and he threw it back at me. I guess that I had been giving my soul to people all my life. I felt unwanted and worthless.

After my husband left, I decided to return to the church on the other side of town. I believe that when we’re close to the edge, something inside us cries for someone to save us. That’s what happened to me that day. I prayed for God to look after me and my children.

I started attending church regularly, and began reading the bible. A friend came to see me once a week, and we would study about God and his promises. I know this may sound ‘churchy’, but I was getting to know the Saviour who died for me, and I began to pray for the birth of my second child. I prayed that I would deliver a healthy child without severe blood loss. I knew I was praying for a miracle.

When I was five months pregnant, I had a dream that I delivered a son with just two pushes, and I dreamed of walking down a corridor with a black house coat on, ready for a shower. I told the Pastor of my church about the dream, and we prayed together that this was of God, and not simply a dream.

The day finally came when I went into labor. I went into hospital at 6pm, and with just two pushes, at 7:20pm, my son was born. There was no bleeding. I reached into my bag, took out my black housecoat, and walked to get a shower singing ‘thank you, God’. Then my husband returned, and our relationship improved. God had healed me of severe anxiety and depression.

I’ve been praying that these illnesses don’t return, and I’ve been thanking God for my life. A year has passed with no anti-depressants. Life is a sunrise starting each morning. And, I am not alone. I have been HEALED! I look back sometimes and cry for the old Jodie who lived each day searching, but I’m not that person anymore. I’m rid of my illness. I can look at people and really smile. I don’t worry anymore, because I know my life and my children’s lives are in God’s hands, and the ‘grey’ in my life is gone as well. God has replaced my hurt and misery with life, love, blessing, and sunshine.

I tried everything that doctors could provide to help cure my depression, but I’ve learned that there’s no other way except through Jesus Christ. The spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in me. I have been healed by God.

Aberdeen, Scotland

Tuesday, May 8

Sunday, May 6

Wednesday, May 2

A Servant's Heart

A real cool Jesus story!

During the trip, Michelle became ill with a fever. She was so weak during one of the meetings that she collapsed. Back in her hotel room, she was praying. As she did, the presence of God entered the room, and the place was flooded with the most brilliant, radiant light. As she tried to describe this light yesterday, she found it hard to find the words. She said it was beyond natural light. More brilliant, more white, supernatural is the best way to describe it, she said. And it filled up the whole room, every corner. Michelle knew she was in the presence of God.
As she stared into this radiant light, God spoke to her audibly, the only time He has spoken to her in this way.
He said to her that He wanted her to go and minister that night, in the balcony area of the church where the meetings were being held.
Being feverish and weak, Michelle began to question God.
‘But I can barely stand, Lord,’ she said. ‘Let alone minister.’
As she said this, the presence of God retreated, the light eventually dissipating.
Feeling convicted about “arguing with God” as she described it, she knew what she had to do. Michelle described the way she literally crawled to the elevator that night as she was so weak.
At the church, the worship was alive and God’s presence very tangible. Michelle was so weak, but by faith she stood up to take part. As she did, the Holy Spirit came upon her and she was healed instantly. All the symptoms that had weakened her body, left.
That in itself is so awesome to me. But there is more to the story :)
Feeling strong again, Michelle went to the balcony of the church as God had said. There were around two hundred people there. As she stood there, various doubts came into her mind: these people did not seem as hungry for God as those downstairs, and had she really heard from God anyway, she was young as a Christian after all, she thought, and she didn’t even speak Portuguese to pray with these people.
As she turned to leave, she described one of the most profound experiences she has had with God. As her eyes swept across the crowd, it’s as if God opened her spiritual eyes to see these people in the way that He Himself did.
There was no longer a crowd of two hundred, but two hundred individuals.
Instead of faces, and expressions, she saw their hearts and their hurts.
‘I love these people,’ she felt Jesus say to her heart, she was overcome by His compassion. ‘Pray for these people.’
And she did.
Twelve hours later the people were still there in that balcony. She heard from a senior pastor at a prayer meeting the following morning how the congregation there had been glued to their seats as the Holy Spirit moved powerfully, healing people, and ministering to people.

Tuesday, May 1

My Prayer Card!

Some of you know that this September I am heading out to Colorado Springs for the Desperation Leadership Academy. I am doing the leadership track.
One day I was driving in my car thinking about how I'm going to graduate soon. I was asking God what He wants me to do when I'm done. I asked him to show me his plans, and while I was talking to Him I asked if He could tell me by the end of that week. A couple of days later I was looking through my bookmarks bar on my computer to see what kind of music videos I could put here on my blog. I saw this one song that I really liked, so I looked up the band at my library. My library didn't have their cd, so I googled the band. I found the band website, which led me to the DLA website. One I saw what DLA was, I knew that is where God wants me to go.

Right now I am working on raising money to go to this program which costs $7,000. So far I have raised $2,000. I will earn around another $2,000 at camp this summer.

If you would like to send a check you can email me at
Or if you want to donate to me in person that is fine too. :)

I would love your prayer and support over this next year! Thanks a bunch.