Friday, June 29

An Update on Camp Life

So, camp is a little crazy right now! The guest group that is there is so big that they are using all of the cabins! The last couple of weeks have been hard, but super fun and I got to know some pretty great campers!

And there are also some pretty great barn staff! Most of these girls are W.I.T.s except the last person on the left. She is a cool wrangler!

A Good Word

Sunday, June 24

Wednesday, June 20

The Pony Sugar

This is Sugar.

She is really great.

She is going to be a new trick pony at camp.

Well, I hope so.

I want to teach her how to lay down, bow, and sit!

She can stand on stumps so far!

Yep, she's really great!

Sunday, June 17

Why We Love Dad

I love my dad a lot! Thanks for everything!!

Friday, June 15

Life is Crazy!

Now it really feels like summer has begun! This last Sunday all the college staff arrived. They are some really cool people btw! My car broke down, so my family came to get it and take it to get repaired. Hopefully... I had finals on Monday and Tuesday so I had to drive my friend's car. I graduated!! High school staff came on Thursday. I'm a W.I.T. leader! God more horses. Praying a ton. Worshiping Jesus a ton. Tired of camp food already. Need more sleep. Yep. It's gonna be a super great summer!

Wednesday, June 13

Summer Camps!

A week ago at Island Lake, the Crista Camp staff hosted a guest group. They made this fun video about camps. It's real great!

Sunday, June 10

Beginnings of a New Summer

Summer camp at Miracle Ranch and Island Lake is starting up again! Staff are arriving, and every body is preparing for the campers to show up. I'm very excited for this summer. It's going to be crazy and great and I still can't believe that I am going to be mentoring the high school wranglers!
My friend posted a real great post about camp, so you guys should check it out at Snapography! It pretty much sums up what are summer is like. 

Friday, June 8


Wednesday, June 6


This is one of my new favorite songs! It is sooooooooo good!!

Monday, June 4

Friday, June 1

On My Own