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A New Look

I am working on giving my blog a new look. I was starting to get bored with the old one. I'm still not sure what I want to do with it, so if you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them! Just comment below. Who knows, I might even use your idea!

Saturday, October 13

My Crazy Life

Although I have only been here a month, I feel like it's been a year! I already know a ton of people, I'm finally figuring out where places are (both in the church and around the church), and I'm starting to understand how things are done around here! I am starting to really get the hang of things around here, and I really love it here!
So, one thing that is really cool in this DLA program is that we have family groups. These family groups have about three discipleship groups, 2 girl ones and 1 boy ones, and we meet once a month to hang out and serve the community. When we had that DLA retreat a couple of weeks ago we hung out in our family groups a lot.
Here is most of our family!
from the left, Me, Brenna, Thomas, Jo, Mali, Mia, Paul, Alex, Kelsey, Ashley.
They are pretty cool people!
Another thing that I really enjoy is that I am on the high school ministry tribe. So that means I get to help out and hang out with the high schoolers! I love it, and them a lot! So on Wednesdays we set up for HS DSM, which is their high school youth group. Then we go to that Wednesday nights, hang out with high schoolers, and build friendships with them. It's great!
One thing I had to do this last week was cook a meal for my host family. I was a little nervous, because I can't cook. But, I made chocolate chip pancakes and they turned out great!
It's been a pretty good first month here! I'm excited to see what God has planned for this next one!

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Shekinah Glory

Friday, October 5

DLA Retreat!

A week ago I went on a DLA retreat with all the other DLA students! It was soooooo much fun. We went to a town in Colorado called Breckenridge. It is super pretty there!

On the way there...

This is where we stayed.

During God time!

 Going hiking!! It was sooooo pretty!

 Some new friends.

 It was so nice there!

We hiked to the waterfall. It was so fun!

 Reflections in the water with friends.


 Hanging out in the town.

This is my love language with Jesus! :)

 On the way back.