Saturday, March 23

Thursday, March 21

A Break During the Spring!

I'm actually kind of excited to say this, which is crazy for me because when I left home after Christmas Break I did not want to go back home at all. But, In one week I'm heading home for spring break! Life has been extremely crazy but very good in between Christmas break and now. God has been doing a ton of stuff in my heart throughout these few months. I have also been having a ton of fun!
I've been going to DSM prayer meetings before church on Sunday! Those high schoolers are incredible!
I went skiing for the first time of my life! I fell so many times!
I went on the DLA Encounter retreat, and during that time, Pastor John Mac led us through break free. That was so incredible!
I went to my first ever basketball game.
I went through a freedom ministries training which was amazing!
I have continued to grow in incredible friendships!
I've been having lots of coffee dates with Jesus and friends! I even was able to get a free drink at Starbucks the other day!
I have become way more talkative in my Discipleship group.
I got a rewards card for Panera, and Q-doba!
I finally went to Garden of the Gods. And it was breath taking!
I've been reading a ton of good books such as "Sun Stand Still."
I volunteered at the Life and Justice conference, and through that decided to sponsor a child from Compassion International!
I just took a final for our Christian Disciplines class. I'm pretty sure I passed.
I went on a 4 mile hike up a mountain in the snow with my DLA tribe and John and holly Mac plus their two children!
So, that's what I've been up to. There is a lot more, but currently I do not have time to write it all out. Hopefully I will get to that soon.

Tuesday, March 19

Garden of the gods!

A few weekends ago I went with my roommate Liz to the Garden of the gods!!! It was super pretty there. I love to walk in God's creation!

Monday, March 18

True Christianity

Today, a bunch of us DLA students went to a biker church that is about 30 minutes from where we live. We went there to pick up trash (mainly cigarets). As we were all walking on the sidewalks picking up trash, people began to notice what we were doing. They would ask us where we were from and we would tell them that we are with Set Free Bikers Church. They would smile at us and always say God bless. And we are talking about some big guys who are much much much bigger than I am! Anyways, while we were picking up trash one guy names Charles came up to us and started talking. He asked for our prayers because he said he was going through a hard time because he couldn't find a job. And he asked us what we do when we are down and God isn't answering our prayers. We told him that we keep praying. He seemed happy with that answer. Then we asked him if he wanted free coffee, because the biker church offers free coffee to anybody who wants it. Charles was very excited when he heard this so he followed us back. He also started helping us pick up trash. He kept saying that He was doing the Lord's work with us. He continued to ask us about God. Charles knew who God is, but I don't think many people have shown him the love of Christ. It was so neat when we finally got back to the church because every body who goes to that church are drug addicts, drinkers, bikers, homeless (although they will tell you that they are just house less because their home is in heaven). These are the people back in Jesus's day who were the sinners and the unclean. Yet Jesus loved them then, and he loves them now. And people aren't led to Jesus by people pointing out their sin. They are led to him through acts of kindness and love! That is what Jesus did. That is true Christianity.

Sunday, March 17

Saturday, March 16

A Hiking Trip with my DLA Tribe!

Our hiking adventure started when my friend got his car stuck in the snow.

But soon we were able to head out on the trail! Nobody was prepared for all the snow.

The whole way up, I kept hearing, "We're almost there. Just a little farther." But we were never really almost there.

Until we finally made it to the top!

All around us there were these really old trees. I heard they are about 500 years old!

The view was soooooo pretty!

We were all tired after the 2 mile up hill hike to get there.

This pesty bird kept trying to eat our food.

And this raven decided to entertain us as he played in the wind.

Such a great day!

After 4 miles up hill through the snow which took us about 4 hours, we were all super tired in the end! But it was so worth it!

Friday, March 15

First Game!!

So, I know it's been a while since I've posted anything on here. Sorry! Life has been very busy recently. I plan on posting a few posts in the near future!
Anyways, I long while ago I went to my first college sports game! I went with my host family and roommate to the air-force Basketball game!

Sunday, March 10