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God is Faithful

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I'm going to start a new series of blog posts on Identity. I know in my life I have wondered who I am and what am I here for. I have had this fear of rejection from people, so I felt like I needed to change who I am so that I wouldn't be rejected. I didn't think I was very pretty so I didn't like looking at myself in the mirror. I am a Christian and I do go to church and I heard over and over again that my identity is in Christ. What does that even mean?! Then I started really digging into the Word and looking up stories of women in the Bible. I looked up what Jesus says about me in the new and old testament. I looked up meanings behind names and words trying to figure out what that means to me. And I am still learning what it means to have my identity in Christ. I still need to be reminded of who I am in Him. But that is the beauty of Jesus, He never gets tired of telling us how He sees us. He sees us as beautiful, pure, perfect, lovely, precious, treasured, chosen, honored, loved, redeemed, ransomed, made for a purpose, free, and so much more.

Wednesday, October 2


I know it has been forever since I've posted on here!! I have been so crazy busy doing a missions trip then working the Desperation Conference, then graduating DLA, then going home for the summer and working at camp and dog sitting and hanging out with my family and friends, then coming all the way back to Colorado Springs to do a second year of DLA only this time it is very part time, and now I'm looking for a job! But I do plan on being on here again more than every 5 months!