Friday, July 17

Colorado, Conference, and Coffee

Last week I was able to go back to Colorado Springs for Desperation Conference! This is the conference that I got to work for when I was in DLA! It was incredible to be apart of the conference with my friends from Colorado this year! There were many great Worship Leaders and Speakers there. One of them was Lisa Bevere. She was awesome! I was able to get her books, and meet her! While I was there I spent a lot of time at a coffee shop that is near where I stayed. It was a good trip and I look forward to the next time I get to go!

Thursday, July 2

To Go on a Road Trip

From Tacoma, WA to Fort Bragg CA and back in 3 days and 2 nights! I feel accomplished!

The first two days we drove along the cost on Highway 101. There were a bunch of towns we drove through that had 25 MPH speed limits. But the view was spectacular! Our second day we stopped in Eureka, CA to see Caitlin! That was pretty great! We also got to drive through a couple drive-through trees. Those are very different from just the big trees. Then we drove though a couple rollercoaster roads in the middle of nowhere. Finally we made it! Our destination was Fort Bragg, CA. That is where the glass beach is. It was beautiful! The ocean was so blue and the beach was covered with sea glass. Although if you don't actually stand on the beach itself (by the water) it's difficult to see the glass. After that we got back in the  car and headed home! The last day was a painfully long drive with a quick stop in Portland, OR. But after 1569.4 Miles we made it home! What an adventure!